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xmlroute.exe - traceroute with XML output.


xmlroute.exe is a console utility that performs the same function as 'tracert.exe'. The key difference being that it formats its output in XML. This is probably not particularly useful unless you require traceroute data as input to another program: nice, orderly XML is superior to the normal traceroute output in that case.

In the interest of orderly output, this program ceases all tracerouting activities at the first sign of a timeout. The idea is to get known good or known bad data rather than the iffy results that can be gotten from a few dropped packets somewhere in the middle.


  • This is based on the ping source code available at http://fgouget.free.fr/bing/index-en.shtml. The license quoted there is very liberal: """All the applications are free (BSD, GNU, or even no license) and come with the source. Don't hesitate to modify them, tweak them, enhance them. I will appreciate it if you send me your suggestions, source modifications, .. """ My modifications are free under the same arrangment as the original. Like the original author, I'd love to hear any feedback.
  • Usage:

    Usage: xmlroute [-n] [-c count] [-i wait] host
           -i sets wait in seconds
           -n turns off name resoution
           -c sets the number of times to probe each node

    For the fastest output, you are probably going to want "xmlroute -n -c 1 hostname"

    Example Output:

    This is the output from "xmlroute www.google.com": xmlroute-example.xml It is somewhat editted to avoid giving out any local network information.


    xmlroute.exe (zipped)
    zipped source for xmlroute.exe


    The original source this was forked from.

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