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watchroute.exe - active traceroute


Watchroute is a continuous traceroute which continually pings and updates the list of possible hosts between you and a target system. IP addresses which are not present on the most recent route will be grayed out and denoted with an x in the TTL column. All IP addresses seen are pinged continually, with the three most recent results displayed.

Usage: watchroute [-d][-h ttl][-w ms] target
      -d      : Do not resolve DNS names
      -h 8    : for instance, use a maximum ttl of 8
      -w 2000 : for instance, use a timeout of 2000ms
      -v      : print version and exit
      -n 5    : for instance, quit after 5 traceroutes
      -r 3    : for instance, redact any hop with TTL <= 3
      -s      : suppress extra output


watchroute.exe (v0.5)
watchroute-src.zip (v0.5)