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Sensorsoft SSA7708 Templates for Cacti


This is a perl script (which requires net snmp) and a pair of xml templates to monitor the temperature and humidity readings from the Sensorsoft SSA7708 (and probably other members of that family with modifications) environmental sensor.


  • Cacti
  • Unix (at least... net snmp is required)
  • Language:

  • XML
  • Perl
  • Screenshots:


    # This is a script for reading the SNMP data from a Sensorsoft SSA7008 environmental
    # monitoring device.  In this case it is pulling the temperature and humidity data
    # from a sensor plugged into the first port.
    # Output from this script is in a format that Cacti can be made to understand.
    # Cacti has difficulty polling this device directly, because in order to get either
    # of these values you first have to set a second value that will indicate which
    # value to poll.
    # If your sensorsoft is configured somewhat differently you will have to adjust
    # this script to suit your needs.
    # This script lives at http://www.elifulkerson.com
    # Requirements:
    # - perl
    # - snmpget (from NET SNMP)
    # - snmpset (from NET SNMP)
    $sensor_ip_address = "YOUR IP ADDRESS HERE";
    $snmp_community = "YOUR SNMP COMMUNITY HERE";
    $tmp = `snmpset -v1 -c $snmp_community $sensor_ip_address . i 4`;
    $tmp = `snmpget -v1 -c $snmp_community $sensor_ip_address .`;
    $tmp =~ s/SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.15848.1.20.0 = STRING: \"//;
    $tmp =~ s/ F\"//;
    $tmp =~ s/ \% RH\"//;
    # humidity
    $tmp2 = `snmpset -v1 -c $snmp_community $sensor_ip_address . i 2`
    $tmp2 = `snmpget -v1 -c $snmp_community $sensor_ip_address .`;
    $tmp2 =~ s/SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.15848.1.20.0 = STRING: \"//;
    $tmp2 =~ s/ F\"//;
    $tmp2 =~ s/ \% RH\"//;
    print "temp:$tmp humidity:$tmp2\n";


    The perl script. The templates expect you to save it as "temp-humid.pl"