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pwgen - password generator for network devices


This is a small utility that generates passwords for network devices. It seeds its pool from the arguments specified on the command line. For each device, you specify an IP address, its location, the name of the device or account, and a master password. Any invocation with the same options specified will generate the same password. It is useful in situations where you may have many, many passwords to remember for different equipment and would rather use a central naming scheme and master password than maintain an enterprise wide password list somewhere.

This was originally written for the Palm platform, but I've stripped away all the GUI elements and left only the password generation logic. Never had much logic cross-compiling for Palm in the first place.

The script also makes an attempt to not include characters that are easily misinterpretted when reading from handwriting (for instance, lowercase L and the number 1). This lowers the total number of available characters and technically makes the passwords less secure. I am also not a cryptographer, so I can't provide any background as to the security of the mathematics involved in this program. It seems enough like a one time pad to me, since every bit of input is significant to the output, but your mileage may vary.


  • Windows and Linux binaries provided.
  • Language:

  • C
  • License:

  • GPL
  • Usage:

    Usage is: pwgen [Numeric IP] [Location] [Account/Device Name] [Master Password]


    source code
    windows executable
    linux binary (Compiled on Debian Sarge, gzipped so I don't forget what platform its for)