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Policies and Disclaimers

On my website I offer computer programs. Many, if not most of them are offered under the GPL, which includes the disclaimer:

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

In general, unless specifically stated otherwise, I intend to apply this disclaimer to all my releases, GPL or not.

Regarding Viruses and Security

I endeavor to keep my website as clean as possible - however I am facing an increasing number of virus reports - all of which to this point I believe to be false positives. Some are a little vague (for instance, 3 of the more obscure Virustotal tests showing red) while others are more obnoxious.(just today, Windows Defender deleted a fresh copy of a program I had just built for upload - then it deleted wget which I had used to test it)

I obviously can not do anything about false positives - the dirty secret behind antivirus products in general is that they are universally terrible. I am particularly at risk for false positives – in addition to the terrible signature matching I also get dinged on the behavior matching. (Network utilities use the network, who could have expected that?)

This is what I am doing:

First, the more important bit.

If computer safety is in any way important to you - please be proactive. My due diligence must not preclude your own - if you have any concerns please feel free to let me know, or build from source, or test on a throwaway machine or separate VM, or simply just don't download or use my software. Please protect yourself in general too, not just with regard to my site. Its a mess out there.

Second, the methods I am using to mitigate the problem.

As of June 2017, I have started using a separate subdomain for my downloadables. I have *not* moved and rebuilt my entire back catalog. (it is a whole lot of work for minimal gain, and I don't even have some of the development environments set up anymore) New downloads from this point on will be hosted on https://download.elifulkerson.com. The pages describing the projects won't move, just the download links.

Everything on https://download.elifulkerson.com will adhere to the following restrictions: