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HTTPing's functionality has been merged into tcping.exe. Future updates will happen there.


HTTPing is ping-like tool that times how long it takes to talk to an HTTP server and download a specified document.

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  • C++ - Makefile included for Visual Studio
  • License:

  • The code for this program is available under the GPL.
  • Usage:

    httping.exe by Eli Fulkerson
    Please see http://www.elifulkerson.com/projects/ for updates.
    Usage: httping [-t] [-d] [-i interval] [-n times] [-u] url [server-port]
             -t   : ping continuously until stopped via control-c
             -n 5 : for instance, send 5 pings
             -i 5 : for instance, ping every 5 seconds
             -d   : include date and time on each line
             -u   : include target URL on each line
            If you don't pass server-port, it defaults to 80.

    Example Output:

    C:\httping.exe www.elifulkerson.com/sitemap.xml
    ** Requesting "sitemap.xml" from www.elifulkerson.com:
    (for various reasons, kbit/s is an approximation)
    time=58.318ms status=200 bytes=18452 kbit/s=~2531.236
    time=37.442ms status=200 bytes=18452 kbit/s=~3942.563
    time=45.945ms status=200 bytes=18452 kbit/s=~3212.869
    time=41.573ms status=200 bytes=18452 kbit/s=~3550.729
    Ping statistics for
         4 probes sent.
         4 successful, 0 failed.
    Approximate trip times in milli-seconds:
         Minimum = 37ms, Maximum = 58ms, Average = 45ms

    Download Current Version:

    httping.exe, win32 console application