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chkssl.exe is a command line utility that talks to an https server and dumbs some of the ssl information


Its .NET 4.5, so you probably need the appropriate runtime.


source code (C#)


C:\Users\Eli\Desktop>chkssl -d www.google.com
SSL check run on: 11/20/2014 11:15:37 PM

Status   Start Date              Expires                 Days Left
-------  ----------------------- ----------------------  ---------
VALID    11/5/2014 7:22:42 AM    2/2/2015 7:00:00 PM            75

Subject:  CN=www.google.com, O=Google Inc, L=Mountain View, S=California, C=US
Issuer:   CN=Google Internet Authority G2, O=Google Inc, C=US
Serial:   7C58699CC45A9F5F
Version:  3
Format:   X509
Hash:     A9893C56048B0F2C846C410692735A92E98E17AD

Key Algorithm:       1.2.840.113549.1.1.1 Parameters: 0500
Signature Algorithm: sha1RSA

Help page:

Usage: chkssl [-d] [-c] [-r] [-p PORT] host
    -p : Specify tcp port, default is 443
    -a : Turns on all the extra output (except raw)
    -d : Include more details about the certificate
    -c : Include all certificates in the chain
    -r : Dump the raw certificate
    -v : Show version information
    -h : Show this help