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Web Mimic 🐙


Web Mimic is a combination HTTP Sniffer and file downloader. It will note http requests made by your computer and allow you to re-download them while mimicing the original URL and headers. This is useful if you want to grab a file that was downloaded by something other than your web browser. It also works on, for instance, flash based video and audio players.

Note: WebMimic uses a raw socket, sniffing your traffic, in order to sniff your traffic and do its job. Antivirus programs will likely rise in revolt. Additionally, it runs as administrator (necessary for the raw socket thing) so that will piss off your antivirus as well. Quite frankly, it looks shady as hell and in general you shouldn't trust programs that break through those security layers.


Web Mimic is a windows app, so (after a scary UAC Window declaring its Administrator rights) it pops up with a windowed grid view. As HTTP traffic is detected, the grid will start to fill. All the functionality is hidden under the right-click menu on that grid.