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Instant Morse Code:

The "Eli" Method

To help myself learn Morse Code, I made these flashcards. The Morse representation of each character is (as much as possible) sketched along the capital letter itself, so that handwriting and muscle memory can assist the learning process. Also included a few soundbites that help me distinguish similar characters. These files are one sided - the other side is just scribbled on with a Sharpie, sorry.

The idea here is that in order to learn morse code, you trace along the letter, following the arrows and blue marks. Go through the alphabet, writing each ~20 times, saying the dits and dahs aloud as you encounter them.

Some of the letters make sense to learn together, rather than in alphabetical order:

Bug list:

Version 0.2

Changes in this version - replaced K with one I like better.

Here is a link to the vector file (Inkscape/svg)

Version 0.1


Here is a link to the original vector file (Inkscape/svg), and here is a printable one page image